Mariona Vernet |  MUSIC

Since 2018 I am Reader in Indo-European Linguistics (Cat. professora agregada) at the Universitat de Barcelona and since 2020 I have been accredited as Full Professor (Cat. acreditació de catedràtic).

As for academic degrees, I hold two 4-years Degrees in Classical Philology (UB) and Hebrew and Aramaic Philology (UB), and a PhD (European Doctorate) in Indo-European Linguistics, with a PhD thesis on Latin historical verbal morphology. I obtained three Prizes: 1. Extraordinary Degree Award (UB). 2 Extraordinary Doctorate Award (UB). 3. Cum Laude 2008 Award. My main research field is Indo-European Linguistics, but I have also published international articles on Latin Philology and Semitics. As for publications, I am author of more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals. I am author of two monographies: a book on Latin verbal morphology which obtained the ‘Cum Laude 2008’ Award, and another book published in 2018 on Hildegard von Bingen’s ‘Ordo Virtutum‘, with two very favorable international reviews (Cahiers de civilization médiévale and Medioevo latino). I have participated in more than 45 Conferences or Workshops, from which, more than 20 are international. I have been Principal Investigator of three research projects provided by MiCInn, the last two formed mainly by international members. I can attest a total of 10 stays abroad, 6 of which in international Institutions (Germany, Austria and Turkey). As for international and national competitive Fellowships, I obtained: 1. ‘Ramón y Cajal’ (2014-2019). 2. ‘Juan de la Cierva’ (2011-2013). 3. Postdoc ‘Ernst-Mach Stipendium’ (2012, Vienna). 4. Postdoc Fellowship from MiCiNN (2009-2010, Köln). 5. Predoc DAAD Fellowship (2006-2007, Berlin). 6. Predoc Fellowship from Generalitat de Catalunya (2002-2005 Barcelona-Berlin). 7. Assistant Fellowship from Ministerio (2001 Barcelona).

Mariona Vernet will be teaching in:

– Master’s Modules: TRUTH