Oriol Romaní |  MUSIC

His first contact with music began at home and Sant Gregori school and L’Arc
music school. He studied clarinet, interpretation and chamber music at
Barcelona Conservatori and abroad. He has appeared in chamber music
concerts with distinguished pianists, cellists, singers and string quartets. He
has premiered works dedicated to him by prominent Catalan composers.
He has created and performed concerts in which music dialogues with
history, literature or spirituality, and he has conducted and performed concerts
for family and school audiences. He is the author of a few books on music,
mainly based on the own words of the musicians he deals with and on his
own experience as musician and listener, and he’s working on a new book on
music and spirituality.
He is currently performing as classic jazz musician in jazz festivals, jazz clubs
and music festivals. He has played with Carrie Smith, Ignasi Terraza, Elena
Lasco, Josep Ma Farràs, Wendell Brunious, Mark Braud, Pepe Robles, Ricard
Gili, Lucien Barbarin, Dani Alonso, Gene Connors and a long list of
outstanding jazz musicians, and he continues to get inspiration from all the
collegues he plays with.

Oriol Romaní will be teaching in:

– Master’s Modules: JUSTICE | INNOCENCE