Anna Pou

Anna Pou van den Bossche | FINE ARTS

Graduated in Geography and History, specialising in Art History, from the University of Barcelona. From 1996 to 2000 she was awarded an FPI grant (Training of research personnel) by the Spanish Ministry of Education and worked as a teacher in the History of Esthetic Ideas Department under the direction of Dr. Pere Salabert. She then completed a master’s degree at the University of Barcelona in “Pensament, teoria i debat en l’art del segle XX” (Thought, Theory and Debate in 20th Century Art). In 2009 she obtained the title of “Guia turístic oficial de Catalunya” (Official Tourist Guide of Catalonia). In 2010 she graduated from Pompeu Fabra University with a postgraduate degree in “Management of institutions, companies and cultural platforms” (“Direcció i Gestió d’institucions, empreses i plataformes culturals”).

Anna Pou will be teaching in:

– Spring/Autumn Lectures: THE BODY

– Master’s Modules: FULFILMENT | SUFFERING |
                                    JOY | SOLITUDE |