Eduard Juncosa i Bonet |  POLITICS

BA with Honours in History with an extraordinary award by the University of Barcelona (2003), BA with Honours in Political Science and Public Administration with an extraordinary and national award by the Complutense University of Madrid (2008), and Doctor in Medieval History awarded by the same university, with extraordinary award and European mention (2014). He has been Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medieval History at the Complutense University of Madrid since 2008. His main lines of research focus on the relationship between ecclesiastical and secular powers, political theories and forms, representative institutions, rituals and ceremonies, the portrayal of power… in the context of the Crown of Aragon during the Late Middle Ages. He has developed all the above-mentioned theme areas within the framework of several research projects and work on a national and European level. Findings stemming from his research have been conveyed through articles in specialised journals and chapters in collective works, as well as through his deliveries in congresses and national and international seminars.

Eduard Juncosa will be teaching in:

– Master’s Modules: Love | Forgiveness | Freedom | Innocence