Brendan Johnson|  SCIENCE

UD. Brendan Johnson MTS is a student at the University of Minnesota Medical School, future psychiatrist, and recent Fellow inTheology, Medicine, and Culture at Duke Divinity School. His interests lie at the intersection of liberation theology, social medicine, and continental philosophy, and his work seeks to center theological analysis and communities as key elements in the struggle for justice.

He has published and presented on figures such as Ivan Illich and Deleuze and Guattari, and topics such as climate collapse, religious roots to the right to health and rights of nature, the influence of liberation theology on the social medicine movement, and post-secular forms of medical education.

He was co-convener of the inaugural transational Liberation Theology and Health (HeaLTh) Symposium and cohosts the podcast Social Medicine On Air. His artwork can be found in ChristianCentury.


Brendan Johnson will be teaching in: