Silvia Guerini |  SCIENCE

Radical ecologist of Resistenze al nanomondo (, editor of the newspaper L’Urlo della Terra and one of the founders of FINAARGIT (International Feminist Network against All Artificial Reproduction, Gender Ideology and Transhumanism
In the early 2000s she was one of the founders of the Coalition against Harmfulness, which launched a campaign to mobilise against the entry of GMOs into Europe and then to a campaign against nanotechnology. For more than twenty years she has been engaged in the development of critical and free thinking, without fear of facing uncomfortable and unpopular issues, with a look at the profound consequences of the developments of techno-sciences and transhumanism on society, on the human being and on the whole living, combining the various aspects and the various steps to resist the desacralizing and dehumanizing advance of these processes and to transmit another horizon of meaning. She collaborates with national and international networks of women against the uterus for rent and the artificial reproduction of the human and with free and independent journalists.

Silvia Guerini will be teaching in:

– Master’s Modules: Grace, Community, Truth, Justice