Truth – Fine Arts


Cristina Zerr 


     Film ‘In the King of Prussia’ by Emile de Antonio.

Introductory remarks:

The film reconstructs the events of the 1980s “Plowshares Eight.” The group of anti-war activists were charged with the September 1980 destruction of nose cones designed for nuclear warheads in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The members of the Plowshares Eight, including Daniel Berrigan and Philip Berrigan, played themselves while actors played the roles of jurors, lawyers and police. – I would start the class with a short comment about Sokrates, a person who was deeply in search for truth and knowledge – in the court, Sokrates can’t convince the polis of his truth and is therefore sentenced to death – parallel to Plowshares 8: the example of the film shows a trial against people, who are on their side in search of truth – Also, they can’t convince the jury and are sentenced to prison – Analysis of one character of the film – what does it mean to re-play reality?