Truth – Biblical


Deborah Williger


     Genesis. 9.8 -17 and Psalm 147. Remember the covenant between body and mind, nature and humans.

Introductory remarks: 

= hturt rof werbeHאמת) Emet) => God`s lasting kindnesses. Gematria of ת אמ >= א= Aleph = first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.; מ = Mem = center: ת = Tav = last letter. Truth like torah covers all from the beginning until the end. In Jewish tradition there is agreement that no human position can all by itself be in possession of a unique truth. Genesis Rabbah 76:8 says: The lasting kindnesses are called emet (truth), since it is from the root, “amana” – like the meaning of, “Your house and your kingship shall ever be neemanah (steadfast) before you” (II Samuel 7:16); and the sense of “with his food supplied and his drink neemanim (assured)” (Isaiah 33:16); and as it states, “you have been to me like a spring that fails, like waters that cannot be neemanu (relied on)” (Jeremiah 15:18). The truth, God`s lasting kindnesses, has been unearthed with the covenant between God, humans and animals after the flood, Mabbul. “…Sing to the LORD a song of praise, chant a hymn with a lyre to our God, who covers the heavens with clouds, provides rain for the earth, makes mountains put forth grass; who gives the beasts their food, to the raven’s brood what they cry for…” (Psalm 147:7-9). Since the separation from God in Gan Eden human assignment is to overcome the dualistic gap between one and other, between humans and animals, between humans and nature, between humans and their own nature and come to true balance between mind and body. Remember the truth of the covenant! Rainbows are its symbol. Archeological evidences show that human existence has always been related to animal existence. The humanimal relationship as earthly truth and human assignment stands as everlasting covenant