Silence – Biblical


Hora Aboav


Bereshit (Genesis) 4.1

And Adam had been intimate with his wife Eve…

וְהָ֣אָד֔ם יָד֖ע אֶת־חַוָ֣ה

Sèfer Melachìm (1 Book of Kings) 19,12

A voice of subtle silence…

ק֖ול דְמָמָ֥ה דקָֽה

Introductory remarks:

What does the meeting between Adám and Chavah have to do with selfknowledge? The word referring to the woman, commonly translated as “rib”, is tselah צלע ,which also means “side, hip”. What secrets does this word hide? In the wake of a few Hebrew words, we will go into the mysterious passage between the cherubs (keruvim רובְכ ,(in an unprecedented “face to face” (panim el יםִ֔נָל־פֶא יםִ֣נָפ (that will allow us to get in touch with our deepest identity. The Lord does not reveal Himself to Elijah in the noise, in the roar that also belongs to our daily life, but He reveals Himself as a “voice of subtle silence”… Kol (קול” ,(voice”: What echoes are hidden in these letters? What does the silence of God speak of?