Justice – Literary


Cristina Guarnieri


“Like a fish, justice slips away from one when one seizes it”. Jakob Wassermann, The Maurizius Case

Introductory remarks:

A miscarriage of justice elevated to the rank of Greek tragedy, so interpreted Henry Miller Jakob Wassermann’s The Maurizius Case, a literary pearl of extraordinary grandeur. Thomas Mann said that Wassermann was “the world star among novelists”. Stefan Zweig was convinced that he was the creator of some of the most brilliant works of German literature. In the course of the lecture, we will deepen the biographical and intellectual profile of this magnificent writer, inexplicably forgotten, through the pages of one of his most shocking novels: The Maurizius Case, which begins an impressive trilogy. Etzel Andergast, the sixteen-year-old son of the Attorney General Wolf von Andergast, one day discovered in his father’s files documents relating to a trial that took place before his birth in which his father decreed life imprisonment for an innocent man: Maurizius. The troubled confrontation with injustice, the exasperated search for truth, the heated dialogues that animate the burning pages of this masterpiece, corroded by an exhausting tension, put us in front of a titanic clash of the most urgent questions of existence and the burning theme of justice.