Freedom – Theological


Teresa Forcades i Vila


“On the Holy Spirit” 20.51, by Basilius of Cesarea (4th century).

Introductory remarks

Against those who say that the spirit belongs neither to the estate of servants nor to that of masters, but to that of freemen.20.51 The spirit is neither servant nor master, it is free, they reply. Oh, what a terrible stupor! What a pathetic lack of godliness to assert such a thing! What is more to be deplored here, ignorance or blasphemy? Indeed, with their examples taken from the human realm, they outrage the doctrines of faith about God and take the liberty of transferring to the divine and ineffable nature the way of denoting the differences of dignity that is valid here on earth. In doing so, they overlook the fact that among human beings no one is a slave by nature.