Compulsory Module


This is the of the compulsory module of our master’s program. It comprises the following six thematic blocks: KNOW THYSELF/SUFFERING – SILENCE/JOY – FULFILMENT/SOLITUDE.

The thematic blocks are linked in pairs. The second component of each pair is conceived as a deepening of the first: SUFFERING is presented as a deepening of KNOW THYSELF; JOY is presented as a deepening of SILENCE; SOLITUDE is presented as a deepening of FULFILMENT.

Each thematic block has five perspectives: LITERATURE, BIBLE, FINE ARTS, THEOLOGY and MUSIC.

The professors of COMPULSORY MODULE are: Neus Forcano, Teresa Guilleumes and Sònia Moll (literature), Hora Aboav (Bible), Anna Pou van den Bossche (fine arts), Teresa Forcades (theology) and Josep Maria Gregori (music). 

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