Welcome to Sinclètica Monastic School!

Our school is open to all, located in a monastery, but non-confessional in scope. All are welcome.

We hold courses in an array of topics, all aimed at deepening our common humanity.


SINCLETICA comes from the Greek SYN (together) and CLETOS (convened), meaning ‘convened together’.

Convened by whom? By the artistic and the spiritual experiences that have shaken us.
Convened for what? To delve deeper into these experiences and to do it together.


We are presenting the new
Master’s Program Knowledge, Art & Interiority

Knowledge & Interiority

Art & Science


Master’s Program

course 2023-24

Two parallel programs are held: Art & Science.
Both are approached from five perspectives presented as equal in practical and conceptual terms with equal lecture time:

5 dictinctive Perspectives

ART: literary, musical, fine arts, theological and biblical
SCIENCE: scientific, philosophical, political, theological and biblical

18 Thematic Units

Each program consists of 18 thematic units taught over a weekend and approached from the 5 different perspectives mentioned above.

The topics covered are in this order: know thyself, love, grace, humility, silence, word, community, forgiveness, fulfilment, suffering, freedom, truth, prayer, joy, meaning, justice, innocence and solitude.

Students are thus invited to participate, beyond all disciplinary boundaries, in a true dialogue of the spirit that will enable them to critically analyze some of the basic dimensions of our common humanity.

Totes les classes seran en anglès i per obtenir el títol s’ha de saber anglès, tot i que que per ser oient no cal saber-ne perquè  totes les classes estaran subtitulades en català al cap d’una setmana.
Es pot assistir a les ponències per separat o cursar el màster sencer com a oient. La comunicació amb secretaria pot ser atesa en català.
Todas las clases serán en inglés y para obtener el título se debe saber inglés, aunque para ser oyente no es necesario, ya que todas las clases estarán subtituladas en castellano en una semana.
Se puede asistir a las ponencias por separado o cursar el máster entero como oyente. La comunicación con secretaría podrá ser atendida en castellano.

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Master’s Program


Thematic Units 2022-23