Sinclètica Spring/Autumn Lectures

The Sinclètica Spring/Autumn Lectures give you access to the learning experience of our innovative Master’s Program in a weekend block.

Date: September 4-6, 2020

Program Coordinator: Sr. Teresa Forcades

The topic of the SINCLÈTICA SPRING LECTURES 2020 will be THE BODY :


  • A team of five very diverse and distinguished professors will be sharing FIVE “PEARLS” on the BODY from the perspective of literature, Bible, fine arts, theology and music
  • “PEARLS” are works  of  art  (literature,  fine  arts,  music),  theological writings or Biblical passages that the subjectivity of the professor finds particularly helpful or illuminating; monastic wisdom has always known that experience and knowledge cannot be separated; a key element of our master’s program is that the professors will share with the students not only their expertise on the subject, but also their personal link to it
  • the classes can be attended on-site at our Monastery or on-line
  • registering on-line gives access to the live streaming of the classes and also to the stored videos for later viewing; during the streaming, on-line participants will be able to interact with the professors and with the on-site students (via Zoom platform)
  • the language is English
  • the videos will be simultaneously subtitled in English; subtitles in Catalan and Spanish will be added a week later; the videos will be available to all students during 30 days
  • the fee for the Spring Lectures 2020 is 100€; scholarships are available; don’t hesitate to ask
  • all interested register here or write to Sr. Teresa Forcades at